Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project, Somerville, MA

Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project is a tenant brewery located in Somerville, Massachustetts. A Tenant brewery is a brewery that rents the space to brew from another brewery. The host space bottles the beer for Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project. Even though the beer is bottled for the Pretty Things Project, Dann and Martha Paquette do everything else on their own. They brew the beer, create the labels and write poems about their beer, they are the marketing and distributing team.

Pretty Things Project (called a project since they are a beer without a home) has receive many accolades including a write up in Oprah Magazine. Besides Oprah, Pretty Things' praises are sung in the Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, GQ Magazine, New York Magazine and Yankee Magazine, to name a few. The Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project won Best of Boston for 2011.

The Project brews many different styles of beer but their Jack D'Or is the heart of the project. Jason and Todd Alstom, from Beer Avocate, state Unique is an understatement. Jack D’Or is a complex, balanced, drinkable and, yes … interesting as all hell beer. We enjoyed it so much we almost got lost.” Jack D'Or is an Saison Americain, however, the brewers refrain from labeling their beer and prefer to just have fun.

Other beers include:
St. Botolph's Town - a Yorkshire dark brown ale
Baby Tree - A garnet colored Quadruple
Fluffy White Rabbits - A Triple
Field Mouse's Farewell - A Farmhouse Ale
American Darling - A Strong Lager
Hedgerow Bitter - Special Bitter
Babayaga - Export Stout

The brewery offers special tasing events and even sells its own line of jewelry and tee-shirts. You can find Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project at

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Opa Opa Brewery - Southampton, MA - The Gold and Silver Medal Winners

Opa Opa Brewery has claimed several gold and silver medals at the Great International Beer Festival thanks to its Brewmaster, Dan Kramer, and Brewer, Dennis Bates. The silver medal winners are the Opa American Wheat and Honest 47 Pale Ale. The gold medal winners are the Opa Blueberry Lager and the Red Rock Amber Ale.

Red Rock Amber Ale -A Great International Beer Festival Gold Medal winner in 2005 and 2007. This is a smooth, malty beer. Made with German Vienna Malts and English Crysatl Malts, this award winner is one of Opa Opa's most popular beers and its sweet caramel notes add to its distinction. This beer is brewed year round and can be purchased in bottles, growlers or kegs.

Blueberry Lager - Winner of the Great International Beer Festival's Gold Medal in 2010, this crisp pilsner style lager is a recent addition to the bottled line of Opa Opa beers. Previously a seasonal beer, it is available year round. The blueberry fragrance is outstanding and the fruit taste is subtle. The crisp flavor of the beer shines through and the blueberry notes finish it off. Anyone unfamiliar with a fruited beer should try this one. You will be pleasantly suprised. Besides bottles, Blueberry Lager is available in kegs.

Opa American Wheat - Silver medal winner at GIBF in 2006, this wheat beer is available at the brewery and in kegs. It is a light American style beer. Serving suggestions recommend the addition of a lemon wedge to this beer.

Honesty 47 Pale Ale - The Great International Beer Festival awarded a silver medal to this brew in 2007. This American style, copper colored ale finishes with just a bite of hop. The malt flavors are refreshingly clean.

The Brew Master's Tavern, now the heart of Opa Opa brewing is located on Route 9 in Williamsburg, MA. Tours are offered on Saturdays starting at 2:30 pm. Contact the brewery at

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